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Osdeilis Leal Known by all as "Letizia" is the founder of Letizia Studio LLC. and currently Letizia Eyebrow Studio LLC. Osdeilis, is a cosmetologist, stylist and barber specialist, with more than 3 years of experience and training in eyebrow and lip micropigmentation and teeth whitening, created this space that she named Letizia Studio and Letizia Eyebrow Studio in honor of one of her daughters, a place to enhance the beauty and self-esteem of women.


Where in addition to finding various services, products, aesthetic procedures and professional styling, it brings together the best team of qualified specialists to offer you any beauty service you require in a 100% safe and comfortable way for your peace of mind.

Positioned as a beauty reference in Utah, US, Osdeilis is recognized for being a pioneer in offering innovative services and impeccable care, accompanied by a team of quality specialists who will provide and advise you on beauty and training that you can obtain with us so that you too can be a beauty professional.

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